The company is involved in the research and design of artificial-intelligence-based systems for industrial applications. The computer vison and biometrics are our areas of special interest. The company collaborates with scientists and experts from the field of computer science and electrical engineering.

Graphical user interface and support of communication protocol for 16-bit digital power control device TC1600


The program controls sixteen heaters (which are mounted on the experimental metal board) using the 16-bit digital power control device TC1600. With infra-red camera the images of the experimental metal board are taken. Regions of the equal temperatures (which are defined by the isotherms) are set in the program. On the basis of the defined reagions it is possible to calculate new output power of the heaters, in such way that the differences between set and measured temperatures are minimal.

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A biometric identification system


The multiplatform system for automatic person identification, based on the fusion of palm, fingers and hand geometry features.

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The computer vision based system for real-time tracking of the flying objects

The software system successfully solved the problems of real-time detection and tracking of one or more objects.
The system was tested on large number of real-world frame secquences of airplanes.

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